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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Is it permitted to bath naked in islam ? #Islamic #Muslim

Is it permitted to bath naked in islam ? #Islamic #Muslim

"The scholars quoted this hadeeth as evidence that it is permissible to be naked when one is alone, especially if that is for a reason such as taking a bath. Most of the scholars regarded this as being permissible, as al-Haafiz said in al-Fath (1/385). Al-Bukhaari gave this chapter the title “Chapter on one who bathes naked when he is alone, although whoever covers himself, covering is preferable.” The fact that covering oneself is preferable is taken from the hadeeth which was narrated by the authors of Sunan and classed as hasan by al-Tirmidhi and as saheeh by al-Haakim, from Mu’aawiyah ibn Haydah, who said: “I said, ‘O Prophet of Allaah, when should we cover our ‘awrah and when may we uncover it?’ He said, ‘Protect (cover) your ‘awrah from everyone except your wife and those whom your right hand possesses (concubines)."

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