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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How To Brainstorm Business Ideas

How To Brainstorm Business Ideas

1. Ask Your Market

How To Brainstorm: The one best tip is always, always, always ask your list, your readers, your existing market what they need and want. And then remember…give them what they want but sell them what they need!
Thanks To: Elisabeth Donati of Creative Wealth International

2. The Ideal Way Of Brainstorming

How To Brainstorm: Our team here at Vasz Books, does something very unique. We tried to look for a quiet place in our office or outside the office in which we can brainstorm our ideas. Our group then gathers around, but prior to this taken place, we have asked everyone to work on their own ideas before the meeting takes place. Once we are all gathered around, we sub divide our topics of interest and begin brainstorming each others ideas. This is what is currently working for us, here at Vasz Books.
Thanks To: Vasz Books of Vasz Books

3. Be Crazy!

How To Brainstorm: Get together with a few other people and go nuts. Brainstorming is the time to be crazy. The wackier, more off-the-wall the ideas, the better. Hold your evaluation until the end and let the creative juices flow. It’s amazing how often silly ideas generate real solutions.
Thanks To: Stephen Balzac of 7 Steps Ahead, LLC

4. Look At The Best 

How To Brainstorm: Look at the best and forget the rest. Look at what the biggest companies out there are doing. Even if they are not in your niche they all have something you can use. Many of these companies spend millions in research, all you need to spend is a few hours, a pen and pad. Write everything you like and give it your own touch to customize it. Google Trends is an excellent source for ideas like this considering how huge they are at this time.
Thanks To: Edwin Soler of Libreria Berea

5. Build Buzz To Brainstorm

How To Brainstorm: The ONE best tip for brainstorming great business ideas is to first begin by putting down in writing what it is that you’re looking to do. BE CLEAR. After you do this, share it with your team and others who may have great ideas about what it is you’re looking for. This could be students, social networks, family, friends, colleagues, etc. There is simply no substitute for calling upon many great minds “at no charge” to help you succeed in business!
Thanks To: Deborah Osgood of Knowledge Institute

6. Simple:make A Note Of Them

How To Brainstorm: An amazing part about ideas is that they are organic, like many other things in your schedule you can’t just set up an alert to get ideas for a particular time interval,they just come when they want to if you really want to keep a track get a notepad handy with yourself everywhere and noting them as soon as they come in your mind and take time every two days to brainstorm through those ideas, keeping a goal checklist in your mind and matching them with the right ideas…It really works…
Thanks To: Akash Sharma of Revenue Strategy Solutions Ltd.

7. Cocktail Anyone?

How To Brainstorm: To brainstorm ideas you need to be loose, happy, relaxed and with friends, family or colleagues that you trust. Call them to set up a time to get together over some beer or cocktails and brainstorm. Most of my brainstorming as been successful this way. When I sit in my office, think really hard, it adds pressure and I don’t think outside the box.
Thanks To: Susan Vernicek of S&J Identity – Identity Magazine

8. Get Inspired At A Trade Show

How To Brainstorm: Trade shows are great places to network AND see what’s new in your industry. Observing your competitors’ innovations may even stir your own creative juices!
Thanks To: Scott Swanay of Fantasy Baseball Sherpa

9. Find Your Entreprenessence

How To Brainstorm: My speciality is helping entrepreneurs of all levels brainstorm ideas and revenue streams to add to their business. I start by asking them to define their entreprenessence – the essence of their business – the philosophy and core values that comprise their business mission. Are they currently fulfilling this? if not we step back and help them re-evaluate, if they are,what natural services and/or products could be developed into info products and services that further extend their brand?
Thanks To: Susan M. Baker of Escape Hatcher

10. Break The Mould

How To Brainstorm: A really simple way to brainstorm in 3 easy steps.
1. Get out of the office, go somewhere new.
2. Invite business contacts and friends to support the effort (new minds means better thinking)
3. Remember anything goes, build on things don’t ever pull them down.
Thanks To: Marc Lawn of The Business GP

11. Create A Market Research Team

How To Brainstorm: Look at who you know, pick a variety of talent and ask them if they would serve on your special Market Research Team to run ideas and strategies by. Share with them these ideas and ask for feedback, sometimes we are too close to things and do not see all possibilities and this will allow you to step deeper outside the box and your friends will be honored that you thought enough about them and their expertise to ask them to be a part of your special Team. I have used this for years & it works.
Thanks To: Robbie Motter of Contacts Unlimited

12. Buy Coffee For A Mentor

How To Brainstorm: I have been teaching small business people how to succeed for many decades. I regularly invite my successful graduates to speak to my current students. I always find that the graduates are willing to return because they are having trouble improving a single aspect of their business. As recompense for their time, they ask me what I have heard that others are doing to solve the same problem. I can usually suggest four excellent opportunities that they have never heard of in about five minutes.
Thanks To: Donald Mitchell of The 400 Year Project

13. Just Ask!

How To Brainstorm: I find that seeking the advice and counsel from your customers and prospects is a great way to brainstorm business ideas. When we were writing the business plan for VR, we frequently met with small business owners to gain their input into our offering. The information we obtained was invaluable in putting together the final product. Customers and prospects will always dictate where you go with your business.
Thanks To: John Panico of Virtual Resources, LLC

14. Hit The Road, Jack

How To Brainstorm: I often get my best business ideas by listening to business books on CD in the car while I am taking my son to school, running errands. I just need to remember to keep a note pad in my purse to help me document the ideas that come to mind as I drive (well after I pull over anyway;).
Thanks To: Heather Ledeboer of Mom 4 Life

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